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Bertoldi Holding is an Italian investment company and is controlled by the brothers Gianluca and Giacomo Bertoldi. The first activities date back to the sixties, when the founder Aldo Bertoldi focused its business on the market of import and export of spices, dried fruit and coffee.

The opening of the first supermarkets under the Orvea brand, left an indelible mark in Trentino that contributed to the development of local economies with a sales format that was not yet known. It's been over half a century and several generations have succeeded; to date, the third generation is in command with a new holding company, Bertoldi Holding.

The activities of the Bertoldi Holding are now mainly concentrated in the operational management of the group companies, in the investee advisory and in the development and research of new businesses, operating and investing primarily in the areas of large-scale distribution, real estate, industry, services and more recently Fintech and the digital world, successfully carrying out entrepreneurial initiatives built in over half a century of experience.

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